Saturday, May 14, 2011


I threw my Fabric Fast out the window. I'm still trying to be conscientious when purchasing, and maybe I'll take another hiatus, but, well, I did budget "blow money"...

Here's $12 of remnants:

And fabric from Royce as a thank-you for naming her latest art quilt (did I cheat by playing the Music City card?):

And half-yards of Sunkissed that I patiently waited for until they went on sale (thank you for local pick-up, Burgundy Buttons!)...

And, minus these delicacies, my current stash:

To do: finish before beginning something new! At least finish in the same category before beginning something new (for example, hand-piecing, garment making, machine-quilting, knitting...) In the meantime, the sketchbook is my friend!

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