Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Scrap Placemats--Complete!

The Music City Modern Quilters Guild met on Saturday for some free-motion practice! While there, Leah from Burgundy Buttons dropped off a gift from Deb Strain, designer of the Java for Moda line. It was a thank-you for entering Burgundy Buttons' mug rug challenge (I think! Here is my entry):

And now... onto free-motioning! I practiced on some scraps dyed in leftover Easter egg bath.

I figure I can use practice pads for bedding for these little guys, found in my shed last week. That is, if their mama will stop hiding them from me!

And here's how my mats turned out!

Love my binding--turquoise and white homespun--and gray overcast light was just perfect for picture-taking!

Like I said, I love my binding!

All done!

The MCMQ gals called me fearless, not only for my pedal-to-the-metal work but also for making white placemats! I'll keep the spaghetti sauce away, but I love the look so much it's worth the risk!

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Lizbeth Brown said...

I'm so afraid to even TRY FMQ. I like your swirlies the best. And those kittehs are sooo cute!!