Sunday, May 1, 2011

Knitting, Winning, Dying, Piecing

Oh hai!

The handwork teacher was knitting adorable little baby dolls. All I had on hand at the time was black wool. I like him, though. He's a bit impish, trying to be all gentrified with that scarf and all.

Last night I found myself teaching a nine-year-old to knit. She was intrigued watching me practice a basket weave pattern. I had her knit a row, then bound off and gave her the swatch. We cast on a few stitches, and I helped her figure out her mistakes. Her mother promised to get her needles and yarn as soon as possible. Little lady picked it up so quickly I'm sure she'll have no trouble continuing, even though her teacher's a novice at best!

I was away from home for most of the week, so I'm not sure when this arrived, but I'm so glad it DID! It's a fabulous book I won (HA!) from Christina at A Few Scraps.

The sweet thing is that I'd been wanting a modern quilt book for inspiration and hadn't come across one that really "sang" to me. When I heard I'd won this giveaway, I had high hopes that it would be "the" book I'd been looking for. Sure enough, it is!

Great combination of modern + tradition, plus some backstory on the origins of the block! With Mother's Day coming up, I may be drawing some inspiration from these pages :-)

Cross this off last year's to-do list. I re-darkened my dark denim today with fabulous results. I threw in some unbleached muslin (top). Can't beat that color! I have a pattern in mind for the muslin... more warm weather wardrobe sewing!

While in the dying mood, I played with some greens, too. Each piece of unbleached muslin was left in the dye bath for a different amount of time. I look forward to seeing how they dry up and playing with their mottled marvelousness!

I finished piecing my scrap placemats! There are still a few hours left in the day. Perhaps I'll sandwich them so they'll be ready for free-motion practice with the MCMQG in a few weeks!

One year ago today, Nashville was under water. The city awoke to a familiar sound this morning: thunderstorms. With all the weather-related trauma affecting the South at present, I'm quite thankful for all the ways we've come through the storms. It's not always been easy or fun, but it makes a great story, and I am pleased to be part of it all. Happy May, ya'll!


Beadwright said...

This is a wonderful post. Thanks so much for sharing. And congrats on the win

Barb said...

You have been the little doll...

Erin Butson said...

Wow! Love these squares. They are fabulous. You are really talented. I, too am thankful to be where we are. xoxo