Sunday, May 22, 2011

Come Live with Me and Be My Love...

There's a Christopher Marlowe poem that's been running through my head lately, so much so that I've started planning and creating a new quilt!

I'm using mostly grays with bold colors in sampler blocks, coupled with the first line of the poem.

Pages of sketches.

I've got fabric cut for the Steps to the Altar block, and I've begun hand-stitching the True Lover's Knot.

Yesterday a friend and I spent an afternoon painting. This is what I came up with!

The theme of love continued as I finished my day at a wedding! The bride especially is a friend of mine. I remember her attempts at growing vegetables, and with recent connections to local farms, I thought I'd help her out! I started by making a kneeling pad from Martha Stewart's tutorial, modifying it by using ribbon rather than elastic and stuffing it with strips of old t-shirts and batting. Then I nestled it among plant starts carefully selected the morning of the wedding from my local farmer's market!

Bonus:  I caught the bouquet!

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