Wednesday, April 13, 2011

[working title]

I never know what to title these catch-all blog posts consisting of all the little things I've been working on. Oh well.

Someone's been singing old time bluegrass to me, and I'm reading Laura Ingalls Wilder books. Now let's play "Where's Waldo" and find that inspiration in my recent doings!

I've been sorting my scraps by color.

I want to play with "wonky" or "intuitive" blocks, and I figure the best way to start is by using what I already have! I'm starting with yellow.

For the record, I started playing before I saw this quilt, but my love for the look hasn't lessened. My Tennessee Greens quilt took me in this direction when I realized I wanted to make it bigger than I'd planned. More on that later.

A trend among the faculty: crocheted stars. I learned to make one today with yarn found on the playground. Next I'll try this pattern with great granny's Boye size 10 hooks and crochet thread. Should be lacy and lovely, no?

I bought fabric. This is only my second fabric purchase of the year (not counting thrift store bed linens). Here's my little God story:

I take Holy Spirit shopping with me (just say, "Please come shopping with me, Holy Spirit!") and it's always an adventure. On this occasion I needed a piece of khaki twill and matching thread to patch a hole in a pair of trousers (yes, I'm "trading" leafy green vegetables for mending... delicious!) Having moved recently, I didn't have sales flier, and the store website wasn't too helpful. I did, however, have $6 left in my "blow money" budgeted for this pay period. I'd decided ahead of time to go for the essentials, but if I could, I'd like a remnant or two and maybe a piece of red calico. At the store, I not only found a pretty close match on the essentials I needed, but thread AND bottomweights were half off, the quilter's cotton was on sale, remnants and clearance fabric marked down--you get the idea. Several careful calculations later, I was at the register watching the numbers. With my teacher's discount and including tax, the total was... $5.99! The best part? I left with a couple of quarters of red and a third of batik and homespun, not just what I needed for mending. I love going shopping with Holy Spirit!

And I love this quilt! I showed it at the Music City Modern Quilter's Guild meeting on Saturday. It's still in process, but here's a photo from basting:

See that strip on the left? That wasn't in the original plan. Once the top was pieced, though, it just felt too small. Using as many different browns and greens as I had in my scrap bin, I started playing. I love the feel of that block. It's what got me organizing my scraps. I'm excited about creating more pieces with the same effect!

Hand quilting is coming along nicely. I have about 2/3 complete, minus the border. I can hardly believe I just started it last week! Looking forward to its completion and delivery... Unless its recipient is reading this blog (although firmly instructed NOT to), I think it will be a surprise :-)

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Royce said...

You are so good to sort all your scraps, I'm not that disciplined. Love your quilt and the big block you added. The shift between the stripes and the mixed block are great.