Thursday, April 21, 2011

Small Scale Spring Sewing

Dolly has a new dress!

I made Evangeline last year with the hopes of creating small-scale versions of adult-sized clothing. I hoped to work out pattern kinks and construction issues this way. This is the first dress I've made for Evangeline that actually follows my purpose!

The dress is entirely hand-stitched. French seams on the sides, scrap binding for the halter straps, denim thread for decorative stitching, more binding to secure gathers and a scrappy binding sash complete the look. Why I went through so much trouble and detail work for a doll dress I do not know, but I loved the process and look forward to making my adult-sized version from what's left of the thrifted sheet I used to back my last quilt. Barring fittings, my dress should come together much easier! I'm even considering using the black-and-white binding as straps for my dress, too! (What, drawing fashion inspiration from quilting? Who knew?!)

Have a splendid Earth Day! Do something kind for the environment--like eat farm-fresh veggies, save great fabric from a local thrift store, save electricity by sewing by hand or take a walk and breathe the free air! Happy Pesach and may your Easter be blessed!

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