Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I was initially going to title this post "goings-on" but decided to get punny. Ha ha!

Have you noticed a new rural sensibility to my posts of late? I'm now living less than 15 minutes from some glorious farms and am blessed to have the opportunity to watch them come alive in spring.

I'm trying on some farm-y habits. I was out back searching for a good spot to compost when I saw the nest... and in-tact egg... abandoned after recent storms.

[sigh] Needless to say, there's lots going on and not a lot of documentation (too busy living to stop and take pictures), but here's some of the product + process.

Learning to knit is fun... I purled my way through a neck warmer and sewed on a couple of vintage buttons.

Just in time for warm weather! Pack away the scarves, button up in this puppy and feel good in the chilly morning!

Also playing with knit accessories. Here I knit-2-purl-2 a long length, sewed the ends together and ka-ching! It works wrapped as a cuff or stretched as a headband.

Are you fond of ducks? What if they are thrift store flannel sheets and you need soundproof curtains for your studio?

I do not have a studio but I have a friend with one, and I am attempting to add some sound blocking panels to his favorite oxblood curtains. I chopped a hideous synthetic-filled coverlet today and ran it through the machine with my walking foot. I think it's all going to work out. Not exciting to photograph, though :-)

This is exciting! I decided to hand-quilt my Tennessee Greens quilt! Looooooving the process so much more than I expected I would, and--bonus!--little ones love sitting quietly and watching me work. (You know, the little ones who get sent out of the classroom for misbehaving and just need a moment to breathe? Or hold a thimble?)

Backing is another thrifted sheet. Love!

I don't expect to finish this quilt any time soon, but it's in pretty good shape for the MCMQG meeting this Saturday. Looking forward to meeting with the ladies and seeing what we've all come up with!

P.S. The Walnut Dye Quilt was sold at our school's charity auction and went for $700!


ArtsyBookishGal said...

That nest picture is especially incredible.

Royce said...

Love the bird's nest, how nice to live out of the city. Hand quilting is so pretty and I've heard very relaxing. This city girl is always in too big of a hurry...zoom zoom.