Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Week Away

Daffodils in February, ya'll!

And a week away spent cat-sitting led to a momentary moratorium on blogging. I was busy!

I played with hst's for the first time using strips from the beginnings of the Spliceosome quilt. I didn't take seam allowance into consideration, so I was left with smaller-than-necessary squares. Another mug rug?

Ok! I "auditioned" the purple. Too cutesy. I went with a subtle black instead. It's awaiting quilting.

I've made progress on my Geometry Quilt! As you can see, and as I found out, I cut my hexagons too big. Yikes. Each block is improving as I finagle seams. I'm hoping imperfections will come out in the wash (literally!) but if not, it's got hand-pieced charm.

I began my Spliceosome blocks! Here are a few of my favorite beginnings:

And here are all the blocks thus far. Eventually, as I keep building, these will be 17-inch squares.

Couldn't resist the cats. This is Antisocial Cat. She matches the fabric of the window seat and the deliciously rainy/dreary day.

This is Annoyingly Needy Kitty. He is annoyingly needy of your attention. Now. And always. He is the reason I have decided that while I enjoy cat-sitting, I do not want a cat. For now.

My heart unfolds prophesying spring with a riot of unanticipated color and distinct form. I love my daffodils in February. God bless the South! :-)


Barb said...

Love the daffodils....and your projects.

Elsina said...

Love the black white green quilt project and your kitties are adorable!