Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spliceosome Quilt--Complete!

Mmm... farm-fresh daffodils hand-selected for me in a variety of hues and shapes I'd not encountered before... have nothing to do with the Spliceosome Quilt, but I love them so I thought I'd share! :-)

HELLO BEAUTIFUL! I love this quilt.

I love the way my eye bounces around when I see it as a whole. I love how each block is different and runs into the others. I love the kicks of color and the overall black-and-whiteness.

I love the quilting--straight lines in echoes around the central Sunkissed piece, then outlines and echoes around subsequent Sunkissed pieces as they were encountered.

And I love the eye-boggling backing!

It didn't draw up too much when I washed it, just enough to make a subtle difference.

I was so happy to deliver it today! My friend was so surprised and compared it to receiving a piƱa colada in that most-needed moment of the afternoon. He didn't have time to look at it in depth when I dropped it off, so I look forward to hearing his response once it's unfolded.

I think the timing is apropos. It's a green and growing season, after all, and it is high time he was celebrated for no particular reason other than the fact that he's wonderful!

Hoping everyone is blessed with friends and relationships as wonderful as mine! :-)


Barb said...

What a fun quilt, the back is just the right touch to set it off....

quiltmom said...

Miss Mary,
What a great quilt and the backing is wonderful for it. I am sure it was a big hit with your friend.
I love daffodils too- I am so wishing to see them pop out of our soil. It will be another month or so as we are still covered in snow. I will have to settle for the tulips on my dining room table.* sigh* Oh well today the sun is trying to shine and I am on spring break from school so it is good day..
I hope you will be very happy in your new house.
Warmest regards,