Saturday, March 12, 2011

Modern History

The Music City Modern Quilters Guild gals visited the Tennessee State Museum this morning. We'd heard the museum owns over 200 quilts, but unfortunately only a few were on display. Maybe one day we can get into their archives?

We had a great time walking around trying to find unusual inspiration for our "Make It Modern" challenge. As we walked and talked, we shared stories of family history and Southern roots. It turns out, one of the ladies is a cousin of mine! We're not sure exactly how we're related, but we're kin on my mother's side. It was such an unexpected treat to meet her, and I look forward to swapping more stories in the future!

Here are a few photos from exhibits throughout the museum. Since so few quilts were on display, I may take inspiration from multiple sources for my challenge piece.

I like the color scheme in the photo above.

Lines and blocks and lotuses in an Egyptian piece.

Ebony and ivory Egyptian child's chair. Fabulous.

Soldier's jacket from the War of 1812. Something about that almost-herringbone effect down the center...

There were a lot of Civil War artifacts, including this pieced Rebel Flag banner. If you're not from the South, maybe you don't realize how pervasive this part of our heritage is. Walking through these exhibits really gave me a sense of weight and gravity about the heartbreak experienced by my ancestors--and all our nation--during this time.

The quilts were incredible!

Finally, here is a photo of what I want to finish before the day is out: my Spliceosome top! I need to trim the blocks to size, sew them together, then baste it. It's Spring Break, and I have high hopes of quilting this puppy soon!

Once it's done, I'll start on my challenge piece. Until then, hope your Saturday is as brilliant as mine!


Anonymous said...

Your photos are wonderful. Was this your first trip to the museum? How many are in your qroup? I'm revisiting from the OWOH list of blogging pals, trying to make my way through. Your blog is lovely. I hope you get into the archives. It sounds like it would be quite a treat!

Royce said...

Love the quilt you are working on. Too bad that all the quilts weren't out. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the modern version.