Tuesday, March 29, 2011

String Play

I've begun piecing for the MCMQG Make It Modern challenge!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spliceosome Quilt--Complete!

Mmm... farm-fresh daffodils hand-selected for me in a variety of hues and shapes I'd not encountered before... have nothing to do with the Spliceosome Quilt, but I love them so I thought I'd share! :-)

HELLO BEAUTIFUL! I love this quilt.

I love the way my eye bounces around when I see it as a whole. I love how each block is different and runs into the others. I love the kicks of color and the overall black-and-whiteness.

I love the quilting--straight lines in echoes around the central Sunkissed piece, then outlines and echoes around subsequent Sunkissed pieces as they were encountered.

And I love the eye-boggling backing!

It didn't draw up too much when I washed it, just enough to make a subtle difference.

I was so happy to deliver it today! My friend was so surprised and compared it to receiving a piƱa colada in that most-needed moment of the afternoon. He didn't have time to look at it in depth when I dropped it off, so I look forward to hearing his response once it's unfolded.

I think the timing is apropos. It's a green and growing season, after all, and it is high time he was celebrated for no particular reason other than the fact that he's wonderful!

Hoping everyone is blessed with friends and relationships as wonderful as mine! :-)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A S(p)lice of Spring Break

Farm-fresh daffodils are my new favorite thing. These six were hand-picked for me and delivered in their mason jar after a night of contra dancing. [swoon]

To say a lot has happened since I blogged last would be an understatement. I'm only posting now because, after a month of lurching towards it, I've finally moved to a new house! I'm exhausted, but my brain won't shut off. I'm wide awake. So how's about some out-of-date Spliceosome quilt photos?

All pieced and laid out for basting...

The backing is a faded black-and-white striped sheet I found at a thrift store.

After basting, I wound the quilt around a cardboard bolt. Initially I figured I'd sit on it for awhile, but for some reason I had a sense of urgency to complete this piece.

Amid boxes, I tried quilting on the card table. All went surprisingly well!

The binding is leftover black and white strips.

At this point, the whole thing has been quilted and the binding partially attached. I just need to finish the hand-stitching. Pics to come. Meanwhile, my MCMQG Make It Modern challenge piece has been planned and fabrics selected. Imagine greens in shades as distinct as the Tennessee countryside in spring and as scraptacular as the limitations of my fabric fast!

I'm drawing inspiration from multiple sources at the Tennessee State Museum for this piece. I already had an idea of the direction I wanted to go before that visit, but it is interesting how I was drawn to pieces that would naturally lend themselves to this kind of design anyway.

Looking forward to settling into this new beginning! Happy first official day of spring!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Modern History

The Music City Modern Quilters Guild gals visited the Tennessee State Museum this morning. We'd heard the museum owns over 200 quilts, but unfortunately only a few were on display. Maybe one day we can get into their archives?

We had a great time walking around trying to find unusual inspiration for our "Make It Modern" challenge. As we walked and talked, we shared stories of family history and Southern roots. It turns out, one of the ladies is a cousin of mine! We're not sure exactly how we're related, but we're kin on my mother's side. It was such an unexpected treat to meet her, and I look forward to swapping more stories in the future!

Here are a few photos from exhibits throughout the museum. Since so few quilts were on display, I may take inspiration from multiple sources for my challenge piece.

I like the color scheme in the photo above.

Lines and blocks and lotuses in an Egyptian piece.

Ebony and ivory Egyptian child's chair. Fabulous.

Soldier's jacket from the War of 1812. Something about that almost-herringbone effect down the center...

There were a lot of Civil War artifacts, including this pieced Rebel Flag banner. If you're not from the South, maybe you don't realize how pervasive this part of our heritage is. Walking through these exhibits really gave me a sense of weight and gravity about the heartbreak experienced by my ancestors--and all our nation--during this time.

The quilts were incredible!

Finally, here is a photo of what I want to finish before the day is out: my Spliceosome top! I need to trim the blocks to size, sew them together, then baste it. It's Spring Break, and I have high hopes of quilting this puppy soon!

Once it's done, I'll start on my challenge piece. Until then, hope your Saturday is as brilliant as mine!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Checking In

Just wanted to pop in quickly with what's been happening in my hands and under the sewing machine's needle over the past few days. (Wow, it's Wednesday already! Come on, Friday! I'm ready to go dancing!)

Finished my half-square triangles mug rug, whee!

I've started playing Where's Waldo with my quilt notebook as I unfurl strips for the Spliceosome quilt.

I fully completed one block. More WIP photos here.

Aaaaaaaaaand I crocheted a couple of yarmulkes. You never know when you'll need one, so it's best to have a couple on hand, I think. Mmm... challah...

Happy middle-of-the-week, and may the rest of it be even better than the first! As if Friday night dancing weren't fabulous enough, the Music City Modern Quilters are getting together on Saturday! I can hardly wait!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Week Away

Daffodils in February, ya'll!

And a week away spent cat-sitting led to a momentary moratorium on blogging. I was busy!

I played with hst's for the first time using strips from the beginnings of the Spliceosome quilt. I didn't take seam allowance into consideration, so I was left with smaller-than-necessary squares. Another mug rug?

Ok! I "auditioned" the purple. Too cutesy. I went with a subtle black instead. It's awaiting quilting.

I've made progress on my Geometry Quilt! As you can see, and as I found out, I cut my hexagons too big. Yikes. Each block is improving as I finagle seams. I'm hoping imperfections will come out in the wash (literally!) but if not, it's got hand-pieced charm.

I began my Spliceosome blocks! Here are a few of my favorite beginnings:

And here are all the blocks thus far. Eventually, as I keep building, these will be 17-inch squares.

Couldn't resist the cats. This is Antisocial Cat. She matches the fabric of the window seat and the deliciously rainy/dreary day.

This is Annoyingly Needy Kitty. He is annoyingly needy of your attention. Now. And always. He is the reason I have decided that while I enjoy cat-sitting, I do not want a cat. For now.

My heart unfolds prophesying spring with a riot of unanticipated color and distinct form. I love my daffodils in February. God bless the South! :-)