Friday, February 11, 2011

Scrappy Valentine's Day Tutorial :-)

Without the snow day, I probably wouldn't have bothered. However, these turned out pretty cute...

My scrap bin has inspired me a lot lately! I started by matching Valentine-colored fabrics and sewing them together, cutting out hearts and ironing the seams to one side.

Next I trimmed the bottom of the seam so it wouldn't show on the front of the heart.

I pulled out a scrap of red broadcloth--how it is even in my stash I do not know as I rarely work with the stuff! I folded it in half, arranged my hearts and cut out rectangles to fit.

Then I turned to my scrap batting. I cut off lengths and pieces to cover the hearts.

After some trimming, I popped the batting inside the folded rectangle and sewed all around, trying to keep the batting inside. Since I'd aimed for a scrappy look, I wasn't concerned about matching seams too closely, and frayed edges were a plus!

I pinned the hearts on and sewed them in place, again keeping edges raw.

Ta da! Scrappy Valentines! Add a message on the back with a fabric pen and you're set!

May you know how much you are loved this Valentine's Day. "Scrappy" Valentine's Day to you!


Lesly said...

Cute valentines! I can't believe how many snow days there have been in Nashville - I am coming down to spend a week at Vanderbilt shortly and am really hoping I can leave my Canadian snow boots at home!

Tess said...

Fabulous idea!! They look great.

martha brown said...

I love these :)

Royce said...

I just love this so very sweet, but with a modern twist. Beautiful.