Thursday, February 17, 2011

OWOH Winners + Quilted Bits of My Cerebral Cortex

Thanks to everyone who entered my One World, One Heart Giveaway! It's been a pleasure meeting so many of you!

Congratulations to Deborah! Expect an email from me soon!

Honestly I didn't get to all the blogs in OWOH this year. As my giveaway post reflected, I'm in the middle of some major transitions that are requiring time and energy. Thus far, however, the return has been great. I'm genuinely happy as I pursue my new adventure. Connections and supportive friendships continue to grow. I am quite excited as I jump into this new year.

In the interim, here's a bit of what's been firing through my cerebral cortex.

I have less than 15 stars to piece for my Geometry quilt! I can't wait to start laying them all out and playing with hexagonal configurations!

I broke my fabric fast. I bought a couple of remnants--white on white and green zebra (hello? Who could resist green zebra?) but my excuse is that they are going towards a specific purpose. One purpose is...

Surprise second giveaway winner!

Mazl tov, Elsina! I shall share my oh-so-horrible-it's-good green zebra print with you! :-)

With purpose in mind, I found myself at a local quilt shop this weekend. I was hoping to find Java by Moda in person. I don't really like jumping on bandwagons, and quite honestly this whole "trendy fabric" thing is, to me, a little silly. However, the Music City Modern Quilters Guild is meeting on Saturday, and we are making mug rugs (oy, another trend!) for Burgundy Button's Java Mug Rug Challenge. I came to the shop with scraps in hand, not trusting online images but hoping for some in-person comparing. Fortunately or unfortunately, as I wandered, I found the following fat quarter:

It had to come home with me, and I knew almost immediately why. Following my fabric purchases, I delivered my hand-quilted Valentine, ever after to be known affectionately as "Professor Tinyquilt". Looking around that friend's living space, watching the reaction to the gift and realizing that there was far too little of my artwork on display, I decided to make a real quilt for that friend. My purchases from earlier in the day would be perfect!

I knew I wanted something modern but playful. After considering traditional patterns, I decided to create a piece inspired by the electron microscopy-generated images of spliceosomes my friend captures. Each block will feature a piece of text surrounded by black and white elements with a few colorful scraps thrown in. Eight text blocks and a ninth "blank" block in the center will make a nice quilt, I think!

Continuing the math/science theme, I turned my attention to the looming mug rug challenge. My creative process is usually organic, unhampered by challenges or fabric constraints. And to create there in the company of other quilters--I was surprised to find myself stressing!

Finally, I decided to forget about the challenge and focus on what I like. Right now, I like molecules. I'd seen caffeine molecules... Hey--caffeine? Java? A quick google image search told me that theobromine, the "chocolate molecule", has a very similar structure to caffeine. It is represented by a hexagon and a pentagon...

... But how does one create a pentagon given a ruler and one side length? I puzzled over it for awhile--several days. Finally, in despair, I did the easiest thing I could. I printed off a pentagon and cut it down to size, then made a template.

And what's in the bottom of my new favorite mug? Is it theobromine? Caffeine? An interpretation of mocha? Perhaps!

Looking forward to all that's ahead, quilt-wise and otherwise! Perhaps my posts will become more cohesive as "transition" fades into "new reality". Until then, thanks for wandering with me!


Sandi said...

Hello, Miss Mary! I enjoyed my visit to your blog and would like you to go over to my blog where you will see that you are my OWOH winner! :-)

Elsina said...

Oh how nice! Thank you for picking me :) Elsina