Saturday, February 26, 2011

One Goes Out, One Comes In

Jack Johnson is my current soundtrack to life.

One goes out... The first grade's fundraiser gala project:

Carrot-stamped + embroidered napkins!

Children stamped and embroidered. I "fixed" their embroidery (scruched stitches, wild lines...), matched two napkins together and sewed around the perimeter. Ta-da! Double-sided napkins with embroidery thread safely tucked inside!

For another fundraiser gala project, see the third grade's walnut-dyed quilt (posts here and here, pics here).

One comes in...

I made my own "jelly roll" of 2.5-inch strips.

There is something soooo soothing about ironing and rotary cutting.

Don't ask me the yardage. I used remnants and scraps and didn't even figure my exact needs for the quilt. I figure I'll use leftovers in binding or some undreamed future project.

"Sunkissed" by Moda in five-inch chunks tops my roll like whipped cream or citrus syrup!

It's the Spliceosome Quilt top all cut set for planning and piecing!

Off to visit one of my new MCMQG friends this morning! I can't wait to see her work in person! Happy Saturday, and happy DAFFODILS-IN-BLOOM!

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Barb said...

I loved the colors of your jelly rolls...