Sunday, February 20, 2011

Molecular Mug Rug

My calculations paid off! I attended my first meeting of the Music City Modern Quilters Guild yesterday with templates in hand and had a lovely time constructing my Java mug rug!

I did, however, miscalculate when cutting my pieces. Instead of cutting my green pieces 1/2 inch beyond the traced line, I just took into allowance 1/4 inch. Essentially I'd only accounted for half the seam, and consequently I had issues on machine and ended up taking it home to finish by hand. This done, it was less puckery.

I love how it turned out! Each black line represents a bond between atoms or molecules. The molecule itself represents theobromine, the chocolate molecule!

Vintage lime green all-purpose thread blended marvelously, and leftover black and ivory fit the molecule.

The best part? She matches my favorite mug oh-so-well!

So maybe it's not a typical interpretation of Java, but it's meaningful and wonderful to me! I never thought I'd enjoy a trend so much, but wow. I love my mug rug!


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Tess said...

Awesome. I loved it when you told us what the molecule represented. Chocolate!!! Mmmmmm, mocha java, my favorite.... :)

aformalfeelingcomes said...

Adorable! I love it.