Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Collection of Firsts in One Piece

I was home by 2:45 p.m. yesterday and so was spared the ridiculous (10 minutes prolonged into 4.5 hours for one friend) snow-induced commute. Struck with inspiration and anticipating today's snow day, I created the following:

Meet my collection of firsts! Is it a crazy block? A wonky block? A house? A scrap-buster? A mini-quilt? Categorize it as you will, it is the first time I've truly created any of the above appellations.

I used my hand-quilting frame for the first time, too! (Albeit it was a bit awkward size-wise.)

Behold my first true hand-quilting experience.

I added loops in case the recipient wants to hang it on a wall.

This is a Valentine's gift for a truly remarkable friend. I wrote a poetic description of the piece, reflecting on the particular fabrics used, the colors, the construction (yes, you did see three scraps of batting as filler!) and the significance. I also included a dedication on the back, but all that is too personal for the interwebs. :-)

I completed all but the binding and loops last night and eagerly set about the finishing touches this morning, greeted by the effervescent light reflected from a few inches' blanket of snow. The block is machine-pieced but all else is hand-stitched. I spit-pressed the seams as I went, foraged in my scrap bin, and had an adventure figuring out the angles for the purple and gold borders.

Afterwards, while perusing my blog roll, I found Kate Conklin had just posted a hand-quilting tutorial AND the Music City Modern Quilters Guild posted its February event INCLUDING mug rug construction! My piece measures 7x8 inches, perfect preparation for the mug rug challenge. And on that note, I even dreamed of choosing fabrics for that challenge last night. Can you believe it? :-)

More to do on this snow day. I have a date with makeshift sleds and a hilly back yard!


Barb said...

Your friend will love it!

Sara said...

Adore hand stitching and glad you were able to get your friends project finished:)