Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stelliform Scraps

Starry, stellar, stelliform, stelliferous...

Now that school is back in session, it's nice to have a bit of handwork with your vocabulary lesson!

I was looking at the projects I had underway and decided that Aunt Bess ornaments would fit the bill. I'd made several rhomboidal hexagons already, but then I'd talked to my aunt, the one who requested them, and realized we had a misunderstanding. What she meant as inspiration I took as "please make for me". So what was I to do with the hexagons I'd already pieced?

Make stars, of course!

I attacked my scrap bin with the cardboard template I'd made (I had a TON of fun figuring out the geometry!) and traced and cut more rhombuses, then pinned them in sets of six.

After a bit, I had several six-pointed stars! I love their scrappiness!

Speaking of scraps, my colleague just got engaged, so I've started setting aside snippets for a wedding gift to assemble with her class. Have you ever seen a group of eight-year-olds playing with tiny bits of fabric? I haven't, either, but I look forward to it!

Stars are lovely but I felt I could further utilize my scraps by making hexagonal "spacers". Hooray! I got to make another geometrical template!

And I figured I'd cut some more rhombuses while I was at it.

I couldn't help laying everything out.

Currently I'm at 20 stars. Ten have been assembled, ten await piecing. Who knows where this will take me? I have no plan, but I already love this quilt! To give you an idea for scale, each side of each shape is 2 inches long. Few of the stars are constructed of just 2 fabrics. In most cases I am intentionally adding a third or fourth fabric, either because rhombus yield per scrap is not necessarily a multiple of 3 or just because I like the feel of an "imperfect" star better. :-)

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Lesly said...

Nice work! Love the scrappy feel! I can't tell if you are using the English paper piecing method? There's a Flickr group you might like: