Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sock Imp

At my school, older children learn to knit socks. One child brought in a book about making sock creatures. I was intrigued. I'd seen something like this via a dudecraft sponsor, Neuron Rebellion. (These days I've got neurons on the brain... ha ha!) After an evening spent ogling Neurons and laughing at their stories (favorite look: Aubrey; favorite story: Lunchpail), I decided it was time to clean out my sock drawer and make my own.

So I did! This is my sock imp, created from a knee sock that lost its mate who-knows-when.

He's stuffed with Poly-Fil, cannot stand on his own and enjoys making faces from his perch atop my sewing supply drawers. And the best part? He's done in one sitting :-)


Barb said...

That is soooo comicallly cute!!

Tess said...

What a cute little creature. I got a sock creature kit for christmas and have not pl;ayed with it yet. Now I may be inspired to at least open the box and check out what's inside. :)

lauren carney said...

oh my,
your blog is rather dashing!
I enjoy it uh-lot!
have fun you!
and happy blogging! x x