Monday, January 24, 2011

Sleep Peas-fully

Amid the hexagons and rhombuses I've had time for a side project or two.

When I learned the subject area teachers were putting together a Princess and the Pea play set for our school's annual fundraiser gala, I nigh begged to make the mattresses. Great way to use some scraps of batting and play with the affordances of my walking foot!

I didn't realize the mattresses represented most of the color spectrum until they were stacked and ready for quilting. Lovely effect, though!

Eleven mattresses and even a scrappy doll-sized quilt for the top!

After "doodling" with my darning foot it was fun to try more geometric shapes with the walking foot.

The rest of the play set consists of a knit doll, a handmade wooden bed, a needle felted pea and a calligraphed story. I am excited to contribute to something of such high quality! Hopefully the set will garner a high price for the school.

Another "project" here at the end: I organized my sewing space!

As you can see, it's quite small. Hence big quilting projects come to my parents'. But I love having a corner of my room as a studio space, and I find it's all quite sufficient for my needs otherwise :-)

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