Thursday, January 6, 2011


Happy New Year! Time to carry forward with what's begun in the previous year, time to reflect, decide and take action!

I spent New Year's in Ontario with friends, my first time being out of the country for such a holiday! The first few days I did a lot of this...

And the rest of the time I did a bit of this...

Notice the lack of standing. I spend much time on my posterior and exulted when I stayed upright on the snowboard for more than 15 seconds at a time. Huzzah!

I was overdue with the Free Motion Quilt-Along, but here's a bit of my catching-up:

I didn't put much effort into making my feathers look feathery.

Spirals and radial designs were fun, though!

And angular meandering/stippling was quite captivating! I enjoyed moving from quadrilateral-inspired motifs to triangular and pentagonal references.

Scallops... tricky, but I winged it rather than taping off intervals. Not bad, considering that confession.

Another overdue was my mother's Christmas gift. It took awhile to sew on the binding, but I'm quite pleased with the results! The runner fits nicely on the dining room table my father made. Please excuse the sewing machine pictured beside the runner :-)

Each fabric was hand-dyed in walnut dye, machine-pieced and quilted using a walking foot. I played with shapes and lines and used two colors of thread to go with my mother's dining room scheme. She was quite surprised! The above photos were taken before I washed it, so everything looks tidy. Add that to the list of things to photograph AFTER they've been given as gifts... :-)

Finally, I am overdue on beginning my Fabric Fast. Yes, ladies and gents, I am fasting from purchasing FABRIC and CLOTHING for a year! The exception? Well, Toronto had an H & M with a long-sleeved cardigan in a color that goes with everything (see the bag at my feet? It contains the incriminating garment.) So... the Fabric Fast officially started 1.3.11. Let's see if I can make it to 1.3.12!

Once again, Happy New Year! I am looking forward to growth, change, adventures and new experiences! If the first few days of 2011 are any indication, it's time to buckle my seatbelt 'cause we're in for a ride!

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Barb said...

Happy New Years to you as well....what wonderful things you have going on there!!