Monday, January 10, 2011

Free Motion Pillow

Happy birthday to my dear friend, roommate, co-conspirator, hang glider, snowboarder, contra- and swing-dancer, artist, companion on this spiritual journey, harmonizer, and all-around stellar person Anna!

I made my first quilted pillow for her birthday! It was a great excuse to practice free-motion quilting. If you did the Free-Motion Quilt-Along, you may recognize some doodles. I used the pieces for the pillow as "practice pads".

My favorite radial design...

And the front was my first set of string blocks! I posted about the process here.

Having never made a quilted pillow before, I just made two mini-quilts (minus binding), sewed them together, flipped 'em right side out, popped a 16-inch pillow inside and whipped the fourth side closed. Any other suggestions on how to put these babies together?

P.S. Anna loved the Throwing Stars quilt I made her for Christmas. I peeked in her room--she has it displayed as a wall hanging. Quite apropos for the artist she is :-)

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Barb said...

Such cute pillows and I can't think of a better way to practice free motion than that!