Thursday, December 16, 2010

Spoilerish Gifts

If you are my grandmother or a dancing physicist, this post pertains to gifts for you. Your choice to continue reading may result in the spoiling of your Christmas surprise. Consider yourself warned.

Now... hooray!

I made a neck warmer for Grandmother! Why a neck warmer? Well... they're less bulky than scarves, they're great for scrap yarn, and since my grandmother is très chic, she will be on-trend. (Examples can be found here and here.)

The pink part is a removable crocheted t-shirt yarn pin.

I think she will like it, however she chooses to wear it!

And now for something completely different... sort of. I wasn't intending on creating anything special for the dancing physicist (yes, friends, I know a physicist who dances. And he's a great leader, too! Don't get me started...), but then we we were having Chinese one afternoon, and I watched him open his fortune cookie and disregard the fortune. And by disregard, I mean that he dropped it on the table in front of him but was so oblivious to what he'd done that when I asked him what his fortune said, he could not remember where he'd put it.

I had to laugh. And as it turns out, we both had great fortunes.

Now he gets one with more permanency! And as he won't be eating this cookie, and the fortune is sewn in, there's no chance of losing it this time!

'Cause that's a fortune I'd not want to lose, either. Fo' reals.

A little something for me. Until recently, I had one cozy headband to keep my ears warm. Now I have two! Do men wear cozy headbands? I love the color scheme for myself, but I realize dudes may dig it, too.

Yes, that's me. Last bit of spoilers: new 'do. :-)

Happy last-few-days-before-Christmas!

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Barb said...

That neck warmer is adorable, as well as your headbands.... you are clever with the fortune cookies too.