Sunday, December 5, 2010

Much Ado About the Holidays

Happy Chanukah! Light the lights! If you don't have a menorah, or if, like me, you are letting a friend borrow yours, tea lights and cheery saucers make a wonderful chanukia in a pinch.

I am seriously contemplating a fabric fast for the next year. I have so much that I want to do with what I already have, but then I buy more... and more... and the list of "to-do" grows longer and the list of "complete" remains short. And then I have these bursts of inspiration, or someone asks me to do something and I get excited about that... For example...

Holiday "finger fidgets":

Shell granny squares à la Meet Me At Mike's from garage sale yarn. Purpose TBD.

Aunt Bess ornaments, requested by my mother's sister. Below is a reference photo of the original (I have my mother's hands), followed by my progress.

Fabric fortune cookies + holiday cards for coworkers, inspired by Lady Harvatine.

And something is being felted.

Add to this the Christmas dress I'm working on for a coworker's daughter (due tomorrow), alterations requested by my sewing machine student's mother (due before school lets out), a few inches of mending for a friend (due ASAP), and a walnut-dyed quilt top being assembled by eight-year-olds lurching towards my sewing machine (due by the end of the school holiday).

It's snow flurrying. Rosemary latkes and pomegranate arils for breakfast. Two cups of coffee, a box of sufganiyot, Misty Edwards on repeat... Life is not too busy to spend time enjoying and being enjoyed. I believe God's love language is quality time. This Feast of Dedication (a.k.a. eight nights of dates with God) feels all the sweeter in the midst of all the doings of the season.

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Hollie said...

I love your makeshift menorah!