Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Handwork

After so much sewing, I thought I'd create something new.

"Have you ever built a fire before?"

"No, but I've assisted countless times."

Behold, my first fire! Complete with newspaper, kindling and a hickory log or two.

Gifts have been opened and received with joy, and that means I can share a few process pics of my favorite gift to give. (Unfortunately I wrapped the completed piece before taking pictures and neglected to photograph it yesterday).

I started with yo-yos.

I arranged them into a front...

And a back! After hand-stitching each side, I mounted them on chocolate brown wool suiting and put a pillow inside!

Another gift came into being from my granny squares. I just single crocheted around the edges to connect them into a scarf. It embodies kitsch, but in the end I think it's wonderful, so it went to my best friend from college.

And now for a new project! Below are photos of the walnut-dyed quilt top created (i.e. hand-dyed and hand-pieced) by the third grade. The quilt will be auctioned off at our school's charity gala. My contribution is the quilting.

This is where my free-motion practice is coming into play! With the exception of one square, I intend to echo-quilt the piece. The excepted square was solidly dyed, and I intend to "write" the quilt's origins on it. The whole thing is set up at my parents'. I got a few squares done yesterday with the intention of completing more today. We will see how icy the roads are.

Because the quilt is so olive-y green, it was decided to add color in the binding. I made yards... and yards... of binding, some for this quilt...

And some for my own walnut-dyed piece!

Hope your Christmas was delightful, and may your new year be bright!

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Sara said...

Love your fire;) I hope to have a fireplace soon:)

The hand dyed fabric is wonderful!