Monday, December 6, 2010


Sewing is starting to be like painting. That is to say I start with an image of what I want and set to work, but what comes out is supremely greater than what I thought would happen. It helps having the most creative Genius in the universe whispering in your ear (just sayin').

My coworker commissioned a Christmas dress for her daughter. "Y'know, it can even have manger scenes on it, or maybe a star in the middle..." Well, I found the fabric and love it. I love its Van Gogh-esque colors and softness. I love how the blue cuts the other Christmasy colors, and yet it's special and sweet.

And how's that for a star on the chest?

My coworker loved it, exclaiming over the eyelet (not part of the original pattern--found here), the ruffles, the fabric... What a great learning experience. I'm looking forward to seeing it on that sweet girl!

Speaking of anticipated sweetness, the following bit of mending gets delivered this evening. Imagine shredded coat lining instead of teeny whip stitches. Seriously, I am only posting this because I am amazed at how it turned out--and how easy to boot!

The collar was detaching for several inches in two places in the shirt below. Can you tell where?

How 'bout now?

Blanket stitches and millimeter-long back stitches, again with the amazement of what came out of my fingers.

Couturiers' seamstresses are said to have "fairy fingers". I think Holy Spirit fingers trump them (just sayin'). :-)

Thanks for listening to me brag! Have YOU ever created something and were amazed at your own work? Surely I'm not the only one...

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