Tuesday, November 16, 2010

So Cute I'm Speaking German

Holy Spätzle, I made some cute stuff! Two babies are on their way: one in the family, one on the faculty. I finished both projects today!

My cousin's bun-in-the-oven gets a Mooshy Belly Bunny (modified). Props to Sew, Mama, Sew! for the link.

Black and white... my two favorite colors... not so great in a horizontal striped tee, though. But adorable as a Bun-Bun!

Bun-Bun has a boom-boom made from leftover t-shirt scraps I sliced into yarn.

Seriously. Holy Spätzle, that's cute. Who couldn't love that face?

Modifications include:
  1. No stuffing in the ears
  2. No cinching around the neck (that stripe makes a natural neckline, plus I don't go for the lynched look...)
  3. Additional t-shirt yarn tail

And then there's the co-worker. She's had too many showers to count, but she loves handmade pieces. I was inspired by our work environment and, again, my favorite black and white. Thanks, Spool Sewing, for the pattern!

Don't have a cow... Have a rainbow instead! :-)

I put jingle bells in the first, fourth and seventh birds' mouths. The ribbon is a double layer--white grosgrain and red satin. Each bird is sewn onto the ribbon, although I considered Velcro-ing them so Baby can play. But the garland is cute, too! Looking forward to delivering these (haha, pregnancy pun intended!)


Atypical Girl said...

I love the birdie garland! I'm making a bunch of birds via the pattern give me as holiday ornaments for friends/family. :)

Royce said...

Love your little stuffed toy just too cute. His tail is very sweet. Great job. The birds are wonderful and the garland you made would be great for Christmas!