Friday, November 5, 2010

Road Trip Quilt--Completed!

Going my way? It may take awhile...

...'cause it took me awhile... to get it into acceptable form. This was a first attempt at self-binding, but I wasn't daunted! I even took Allison's advice and zig-zagged the edges (exhibit [b]) to make it easier to attach the bi--DANG IT! [sigh] I pulled out the scissors and began carefully trimming away the excess batting and top edges, carefully avoiding the backing/binding.

I did say "carefully", right? So what's that blue thing in the trash bin?

Hmm... maybe the Urban Dictionary defines "carefully" in such a way as would include creating a gash in your backing/binding (see exhibit [a] below). In frustration, I chopped off that whole side and tossed it, only to rescue it in a fit of brilliance and reattach it, gash facing away, hiding the evidence with the turned-under edge.

Exhibit [a] -- the gash. Exhibit [b] -- zig-zagged edges.

Exhibit [c] -- quilted and re-quilted. I got frustrated in my attempts to re-quilt the parts I'd picked, so I just attempted some free-motion straight lines. With tenuous success.

But OH WELL. It is a play mat for a 1-year-old to roll his cars on and protect Mommy's refinished hardwood, after all. Mona Lisa it is not, but nonetheless, it is FINISHED!

Laundered, it measures 11.5 x 42.5 inches.

You can tell which side had to have its binding reattached. I hope not to become well-versed in such surgeries.

Add a few strategically-placed snippets of grosgrain, and voila! A road trip in cotton! Hooray!

Now to figure out a way to deliver it. Party is tomorrow, but I am working at an event that just happens to be hosting my first ever craft showing. For more information, go here.


Sara said...

I think it looks cute and the straight lines give it a rough feeling which is like a lot of our roads today in the world;) He is going to love it because it is for riding his cars over it!!

Barb said...

tooooooooooooooooooooo cute and clever!!