Sunday, November 28, 2010


Maybe you've noticed changes to my blog format? That is because I just encountered a bit of my ancestry. While visiting family, I was admiring a display of old photographs. Some I recognized easily, of some I demanded copies, some I'd never seen before.

And one had me captivated.

It was Lillian Catherine, my great grandmother. Her quilt hangs on my wall, and I named my blog for her.

I was amazed to see so many of my own features in her face. It touched me deeply.

Now, this is the same side of the family that received the t-shirt quilt. (It was duly shown off and received all the praise and admiration it merited.) Noting my penchant for fabric, my aunt brought out a surprise.

More of Lillian's stitches! This beautiful quilt top was found years ago in my Papaw's basement. Some of the stitches resembled those of the quilt I already own. Others looked machine-done, reminiscent of the flyfoot blocks made by my grandmother Frances. Maybe they both worked on it? In which case the quilt, once complete, will be even more precious.

I am looking forward to an opportunity to better photograph this top. It really is lovely--lots of turquoise, striped shirting, prints that have inspired modern "vintage" lines... Such a treasure. What a gift!

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Cat said...

Just stopping by to see what you've been up to... I really like your new blog look! Love the family heritage - photos and quilt!