Friday, October 15, 2010

Sick Day--Bleh

Things that do not work for me:

1) Going home sick
2) Being too sick to take advantage of hours and hours at home surrounded by things I'd like to be working on
3) Doing "nothing"
4) Looking through flickr groups of amazing quilts and concocting elaborate plans for quilts I cannot make because I am sick
5) Being in a different time zone than the Ent

Things that DO work for me:

1) Having a nurse-mama in town!
2) Sleeping as much as I need or want
3) Coworkers who willingly step in and cover my duties
4) Coworkers who bring me books of tailoring tricks
5) Getting some significant projects under way before I got sick

Behold the beginnings of the Titans T-Shirt quilt!

Due date is December 11. I'm waffling on the arrangement a bit, but I think I'll end up doing twelve t-shirt fronts and border it with solid blue and gray from t-shirt backs. Thoughts?

OH! And what is this? Pieces of repurposed purple suede curtains? Why yes! And what have I been doing with them today? Sewing little tailors' stitches instead of trying to mark the pattern with chalk or tracing paper. In-between the all-important naps and juice refills, of course.

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Katie K. said...

I'm super excited to see how the tshirt quilt comes along. I have a few shirts that I'm (someday) planning on turning into a quilt, but its way down on my list of projects. I think that your plan sounds good, and I'm sure it will be FANTASTIC when you finish. Hope you are feeling better. Love you!