Monday, October 11, 2010


The Ent and I went garage sale-ing this Saturday. All this and more for $4--whee! I am going to turn that squashed pile of purple velour (curtains) into a Daphne dress via this pattern that's been sitting in my pile since the last JoAnn's $1 Simplicity sale. The Ent will make a perfect Shaggy. Alas, we did not find a stuffed Scooby on our expeditions.

Close-up on that wild print. It's a couple of yards of knit polyester. I'm thinking another Greek-style dress to wear over long-sleeved tees and leggings.

Detail of the button-down dress. When I popped this over my head at the garage sale, the Ent said the sleeves were horrible. I didn't believe him because there wasn't a mirror, but I was amazed at the fit. Like a glove! Worth getting if only to figure out the construction! I think I'll take off the sleeves and reattach them as cap sleeves instead.

... Finally, because I haven't been entirely idle...

A chapeau for the Ent's birthday! Pardon, of course, the terrible lighting. I tried this puppy on a few young male heads to get the fit right. I hope he likes it. When we were out and about, he was looking at hats and scarves jokingly--knowing they're in the works :-) Pics to come as progress is made, etc. :-)

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Linda B said...

That is quite a haul. I like the polyester fabric, so '70s. Glad someone appreciates that stuff. You are so creative!