Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Skills

My practice pad is filling up!

Tension issues didn't get entirely worked out, even once I moved to the quilt.

But I had fun doodling! Truth be told, I don't have a quilt journal, even though it's on the supply list for the quilt-along. I DO, however, keep a spiral pad in my purse and fill it with all kinds of jots and tittles and diagrams. I waffle between planning and flowing. In this case, I'm flowing.

And look! Look what ripples and currents emerged! That line at the bottom was entirely haphazard and I LOVE it!

Yup. Confidence growing. New skills accelerating! My non-ugly quilt-along quilt is coming along sweetly!

Speaking of sweetness, here's a post-laundering snippet of the "giant coaster" I made as a belated hostess gift. I ironed it after it popped out of the dryer and trimmed a few edges.

Love the backing fabric, too. I sent the piece as a gift with the Ent. It's already been delivered. Last I heard there was much gushing and flurries of activity as the girls were deciding where to hang it in their house. It's about 18 inches at its longest... and apparently the colors and textures are ideal!

As if free-motioning weren't enough to master, the Ent has been teaching me new skills, too. Here he demonstrates "slack lining". Don't know what that is? Imagine a tight rope, without the tight. FUN!

In other news, I start giving sewing lessons in two weeks. Hooray! Excited!


Barb said...

Thanks so much for the fabrics....such lovely fabrics.

So where are you teaching the sewing lessons?

Sara said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog for the Fall into Fall Giveaway and leaving that very tempting recipe!! I WILL be trying it out for sure! I see that you are doing some free motion quilting too. I have practiced some too, but I need lots more;) That green circle fabric is on the back of the quilt top that I am working on quilting right now!! LOL! Love your blog and look forward to keeping up with it:)