Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Practice

After checking out the Flickr pool for this quilt-along I realized I had much more to play with and set about filling my practice pad. I think the spiral leaf is my favorite.

In other news, I have a new way to organize my life! It's called "Weekend-Oriented". This requires immense planning such that the weekend can be optimized. (If you want something done, give it to a busy person... like me... Miss Get-It-Done these days!) Hence when I learned that a certain Ent (that's a Tolkien reference, not Ear-Nose-Throat) was headed my direction, I bumped up my nebulous plans and created the following:

Step 1--layout

Step 2--misspelled cursive

Step 3--clamp down those pinked edges!

Step 4--give the tension fairies black eyes.

When visiting Mr. Ent a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of staying with three lovely ladies in a textile-rich house. I created a mini-quilt (or GIANT coaster!) for them using pinked scraps I'd prepared for an eventual crazy quilt. Perfect opportunity to practice more free-motion, right? In theory, yes. Yes, I practiced! And I realized that all those edges were a pill to sew down, even though I'd set them together using a hunk of fusible interfacing. OH WELL. This sweet baby's in the wash as we speak so all the wonderful shrinkage can happen. Pics when it comes out. Love the backing fabric, but my pics were blurry.

In other news, real sewing commissions are coming in! First, a coworker approached me to make a Christmas pinafore for her daughter. Then, a student's mother approached me about teaching her daughter to sew on machine. Doors, open! Joy, come on in!


Anonymous said...

I saw your post on Sew Mama asking about a guild in Nashville. I am coming up there this weekend. If there is a quilt shop I need to hit, would you PLEASE email me the name! I would love it.


Cat said...

Love that you are practicing free motion stitiching! It is so addicting! Have fun!!!