Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lunch Bag

My lunch bag smelled horrible, even after using disinfecting wipes. I'll blame it on poorly-sealed plastic containers baking in Southern summer car heat.

Thank you, Alisa Burke, for inspiring me to take canvas off its stretchers and make things with it. Thank you for your lunch bag inspiration!

It began as this...

And ended as this!

Not gonna lie. Canvas is not my favorite thing to sew. Tension looks great from the top, but from the bottom it's all kinds of rats-nesty. Also, it's so thick it doesn't drape as it comes through the machine, so if I'm not careful to bend it, it presses against the wall and gets stuck. There's gotta be a trick, but I'm learning other tricks at present and would rather someone suggest a shortcut. Despite this, I love my new bag! Can't wait to stuff it full, show it off, clean it easily or clip off the button and put it to another use if it gets grungy. Hooray! Sewing machine neglect CURED! Now to tape off those feed dogs and see how else I can catch up on the Quilt Along...

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Barb said...

Love your lunch sack, how fun and trendy.