Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Catching Up

If all the days since August 28th were merged into one, I think they'd resemble the photo below: sunset, colors, forward motion down a Tennessee highway, vestiges of where I've been and who I am and the now and the new and the coming.

Kind of meta for a sewing blog, ay? It's been a journey.

And now I've got some catching-up to do. For starters, let's get a winner for my 100th post giveaway, shall we?

Mazl tov to free indeed! Once again winning a giveaway of mine. But honestly, ya'll, I didn't plan on this thing being big, so I'm going to send something to everyone who entered. Look for an email!

I haven't been completely idle. Some in-between times allowed me to hand-stitch my flyfoot block.

Unfortunately it is smaller than the originals. I'll be brainstorming a Plan B... later...

I did get my practice pad for the Free Motion Quilt-Along basted!

And I got my quilt basted, too!

Excited about the new skills I'll be learning, I agreed to make a T-shirt quilt for my cousin. She and her husband were Titans cheerleaders, and she handed me a bag of memories.

Eight white, three gray, two navy blue. Hmm... I'll be brainstorming a plan... later... :-)

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