Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Anger Management Three-Seam Skirt (Tutorial)

... 'Cause band t-shirts aren't professional, but I needed to wear red for a school festival...

This little $4.50 caterpillar had no idea what she was destined for.

The skirt is lined with itself. Here are the two layers:

How did I do it? Easy.

Step 1: Snip the sheet above the corner seams (the part that make it a fitted sheet). Rip straight so you have a giant rectangle (this is the anger management part). Press. I like raw edges. Otherwise I'd have done something about them at this point.

Step 2: Sew the short sides of the rectangle together. (Seam 1)

Step 3: Fold the rectangle in half, almost as if you were folding the top down on a garbage bag. As you do this, be sure that the seam is to the inside and that the inner part is shorter than the outer part. Press the fold.

Step 4: Sew a top stitch about 1/8 inch from the folded edge. (Seam 2)

Step 5: Mark a line with tailor's chalk or a pencil 1 inch from your stitching line. Sew, but leave about 2 inches open. This is your casing. (Seam 3)

Step 6: Insert 3/4 inch elastic into the opening and fit. Stitch the ends together and tuck them into the casing.

Step 7: Stitch the casing closed.

The end!


Tess said...

Fabulous skirt. Would this fit a plus sized woman, say size 18 or 20W? I have a rough edged seamed skirt and I like it for everyday but not for work. Your tutorial looks easy to follow.

MissMary said...

Hi Tess! Thanks for the encouragement! I'm not sure that the skirt would work for a larger person as easily as it would for someone my size because of proportions. Initially, the long side of the rectangle was about 3 times the size of my finished waistband. That rectangle size is fixed based on the dimensions of a sheet. Even with a larger sheet, I am not sure you could achieve the same ratio with a larger-sized finished waistband. What might be possible, however, is to take a larger sheet, chop it in half lengthwise, and sew the two halves together. That might be able to ensure the 1:3 ratio that gave my skirt its twirliness and fluffiness. Hope that helps!