Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pinwheels and a Quilt Along

Ok, so THIS is officially my centennial post (hooray!) and if you want to enter my giveaway, do so here. Thus far your chances are good since not many people have entered :-)

School started this week. Hello, children! Goodbye large chunks of free time! Lesson plans, meetings, schedule modifications...

But in-between I've been putting together my antique pinwheels top.

I pinned the horizontal sashing this evening. Ten seams, then two more for the long vertical borders, and she'll be done! Well, almost...

... 'cause I "found" something to applique onto the sashing! I remembered being given this set when the blocks and tops were given to me. My friend had already made up the mini quilt, but the leftover hearts and instructions are now mine. I think the blues and greens will counterbalance the bright magentas and pinks quite nicely! And it's one more bit of history in this beautiful story!

In other news, I have cut my fabric for the free-motion quilt-along!

Christina recommended using ugly fabric. The above is the ugliest I had on hand and will be my "practice pad".

This will be my quilt! Really and truly, I do not do "ugly". It's just not in my vocabulary. "Gross," maybe, as in "it's so gross it's good!" Or maybe "hideous" for the same reason. But straight-up ugly? No.

I'm using purple tulips for backing, first because it's one of the only fabrics I have on-hand in yardage, second because the print is so large it will be celebrated in backing, and third because it works quite well with the top fabrics!

I imagine this little sweetie will make a good picnic-for-two tablecloth or drape over the back of a chair. Looking forward to getting started. Now about that supply list...

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Linda B said...

That pinwheel quilt is going to be lovely. I don't do ugly either, but gross, bold, bright, etc. Some people would consider it ugly, but not me. I love the big tulips!!!
Hope you can find time to blog with your busy schedule. My kids are teachers. I know how it goes.