Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Name That Block!

I'm poring through quilt block images for a couple of reasons. Here's one of 'em:

The block is called "Flyfoot" according to this site. Monday night I spent some time with my mother and two of her sisters, and the eldest brought fifteen of these blocks that her mother had pieced! My aunt had gently washed and pressed them for me. I am not sure when they were put together, but they were machine-pieced.

Fifteen is an excellent number but rather awkward for a quilt, so I measured and cut another block. I used scraps from memorable projects and unbleached muslin to match the off-white sections. This morning I began hand-piecing. I love the story of this quilt! I love that I finally have pieces from my grandmother! Her name was Frances, daughter of Lillian, and she died four years before I was born. Growing up I felt connected to her and missed her presence. I look forward to putting her quilt together and having something that tangibly connects us and represents her in my life.

I've been pondering the above quilt top. It's another treasure from my friend who gave me my pinwheels blocks. This top is quite large, but the pattern is unfamiliar. Any ideas?

And, while we're at it, who ever heard of a 12-spoke pinwheel block? My eyes are getting sore looking for the pattern used to create my glorious yoyo-topped pinwheels! Please let me know if you have a name for any of the above or can suggest an illustrated compendium :-) Thanks!

Giveaway here--for a few more days :-)

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Atypical Girl said...

Your work is so beautiful. :)