Monday, August 16, 2010

Battle Banner

My colleague requested a banner for her sixth grade class. It required appropriate inspiration.

Lord of the Rings Extended DVDs... my cinematic comfort food!

She wanted a pale blue banner. We worked on an emblem that was based on a Venn diagram, taking blue and red and finding unity as a purple center. She hoped to symbolize her girls, guys and class as a whole.

I sketched a fifteen-inch circle, then cut out about 1/3 inch around my sketched line.

After cutting my circles, I reinforced them with Heat N Bond.

After applying the backing, I stitched down the raw edges, then overlapped the circles, pinned and cut out the interior section.

I traced the interior section onto more Heat N Bond. I then sketched out a number six, making sure the orientation would be correct once applied.

To create the pole, I used three half-inch diameter dowels. The crosspiece is three feet long, and the two vertical pieces are four feet. I used wood glue and scrap suede leather to keep the wood in place. More scrap leather pieces were fed through metal eyelets in the body of the flag. The flag is made of ripstop nylon and the appliques of poly-cotton broadcloth.

Loved learning how to tie a hangman's noose knot!

All finished! Each section was machine stitched using an applique setting.

All told, the flag is just shy of five feet long. It has such great weight and sound as it moves! I ran it around the house taking pictures!

If only I had a breastplate and helmet... :-) Can't wait to see my friend's face when I deliver her banner!


Tess said...

I think she'll love it......

Melissa said...

It looks great!!