Thursday, July 8, 2010


Once upon a time I was an elf.

Laurelas Goldleaf, close kin to Legolas of Mirkwood, ca. 2002, age 18 (plus or minus a few thousand years in Shire Reckoning)

The Lord of the Rings films came out when I was in high school. The Return of the King opened when I was a senior. Having been to the midnight showing of The Two Towers the previous year, I knew I wanted to dress up for the final movie. That fall, I found some glorious bolts of Indian home dec fabric on clearance, and I bought it all. Simplicity supplied the pattern.

The fabric I chose for the bulk of the dress was printed with gold leaves on one side. Deciding that look was too harsh, I constructed the dress wrong side out, and the effect was more subtly elvish.

Photo taken with flash

Photo taken without flash, midmorning light shining through

I also created my own under sleeve pattern, anticipating a December midnight wait in front of the theater and thinking the gold too flimsy.

I taught myself to hand-embroider buttonholes to lace the interior forearm of each sleeve.

Now I'm revisiting my old friend! I loved the way the bodice was constructed, so I'm recreating it in batik.
This time, I'm playing with a more tailored fit, adding hand-dyed ruffles, omitting the sleeves, exchanging the skirt... in short, aiming for something in line with this silhouette. Several more steps here to go. If my sunburn allows, I could finish it today!


Atypical Girl said... make the coolest things. I love this!!!

Melissa said...

Look at you. I just introduced my girls to the books this year - at 8 and 6 I think they are too young for the movies yet.

I've made my girl's Ren Dresses and such so I know how much work goes into something like that...great work for an 18 year old!!