Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stitched History

Time is quickly ticking down to the end of summer and the beginning of inservice days. As such I'm having quite a bit of satisfaction seeing that I've accomplished many things on my summer set list (as well as a TON I didn't even dream of doing!) One of those items, finished yesterday, was painting my parents' porch! After I peeled off the last bits of latex from my skin, I took the opportunity to photograph a sampling of stitched history around the house.

First machine-sewn American Girl dress, created under Grandmother's tutelage using a McCall doll pattern. I was eleven. In the photo above, the dress lies on top of the cedar trunk made by Granddaddy. The cedar came from my Papaw (mother's father) but was fashioned by my father's father to hold my American Girl doll and all her accoutrements.

Basket square pillow, put together as a Christmas gift to my mother. The square was hand-pieced by my mother's mother (daughter of Lillian, after whom this blog is named), and I appliqued it onto the pillow I constructed.

First quilt, part of a 7th grade pioneer project. For the project, my father helped me make a wooden rope bed for my American Girl doll. To go with it, I hand-stitched a pillow, mattress and quilt, all stuffed with polyester fiber.

More American Girl clothes, both hand-sewn and machine-sewn without patterns.

Mini Raggedy Ann and Andy, created by my mother. Each doll's face is about 3.5 inches in diameter, not counting the hair. Raggedy Ann bears penciled scars from my childhood play.

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