Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I'm excited about my antique block pinwheel quilt. Check out my design plan:

To make the quilt oblong, I've chosen four fabrics that have a similar feel to the antique blocks. These will be added to the top. The idea is that you pile pillows at the head of the bed anyway, so the pinwheels with their dimensional yo-yos will be seen while the plain squares are tucked away.

Fabrics for the plain squares

Although I was originally intending to hand-stitch everything, I went ahead and did the plain blocks on machine. Then I decided to take a risk with the antique blocks...

VoilĂ ! They did fine on machine! Next step is to iron and chop the long length of muslin I pre-washed for the rest of the sashing. (In the photos above, I used leftover scraps off the same bolt.)

One of the projects I wanted finished this summer was Anna's Throwing Stars, a quilted throw consisting of my friend's favorite fat quarter pack. I did a bit of research before cutting the batting and backing. When I went to lay out the pieces--WOW! The backing is just the right size! Don't you love when that happens?

So now it's hand-basted and I've begun to stitch in the ditch, outlining the center star, thanks to a bit more research on how to adjust the presser foot on my machine, etc. Pics to come as progress is made. I'm not following a lot of the recommendations for machine quilting, but then again, what did people do before walking feet were around? And spray adhesive? Something like this, I suppose. They made do with what they had, right? Anyhow, I'm excited. :-)

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Atypical Girl said... make the most awesome things. I'll make you a custom monster if you make me an awesome quilt wall hanging for my new apartment. OH...let me send you a pic. Check your e-mail