Thursday, July 1, 2010

Not Messy--Creative!

This is what can happen when your "studio" is your bedroom:

l-r: boys xl t-shirts, fabric for checkerboard, citrus tiger sweater, doll dress fabric, orange zinger dregs in a flaming june teacup

clockwise from l: ugly granny square afghan, Evangeline and shift dress, cathedral window chuppah, baby trees awaiting piecing, scraps from muslin dress, more yarn for afghan

from top: JoAnn's coupons (very important!), scrap lining from muslin dress (future doll dress), leftovers from pillowcase twirly skirt and lumbar support pillow, laundered remnants of fleece and polycotton

bedding and contents of my stash bins (small scraps bag contents on floor!)

background: Anna's Throwing Stars wrapped on a bolt; foreground from top down: pillowcase kerchief, blue batik fat quarters, SilkEssence and homespun (future dress), thrift store striped sheet (future maxi dress?)

hanging on the closet door: gingham scarf (made sometime around midnight), altered tee (from boys' xl stack), pillowcase pleated skirt, bells and whistles muslin dress

reading material (a.k.a. bedfellows) clockwise from top: Rush Hour by Surprise Sithole, DK Crystal & Gem, poetry notebook (beneath), The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien, sketch notebook, New King James Bible, Getty Images' A Year in Fashion

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Atypical Girl said...

Evangeline is so cute. :) That's pretty much how my bedroom looks, too.