Saturday, July 3, 2010

Easy Pillowcase Apron Tutorial

Pillowcases and I have been getting along quite well lately, as seen here and here. A friend going through her linen closet tossed another couple my way. This one was printed on one side, and wrapping it around my midsection gave me an idea: how easy would it be to make an apron from a pillowcase?

THIS easy: just under 40 minutes, one pillowcase, and one 7x66-inch rectangle of fabric.

Ready? Here goes!

Start by ironing your entire pillowcase. Then, turn one inch of the open end down and iron flat. I chose one inch because of the thickness of the fabric as well as the symmetry of the print. Taking that inch balanced the open side with the closed.

Your pillowcase now looks like this!

With a 1/2 inch seam (or whatever you prefer), sew the pillowcase shut.

Now to the rectangle. I actually cut two 7x33.5 rectangles and sewed them together, but if you can manage one long piece, rock it out. Fold the rectangle in half, right sides together, and stitch, again with a 1/2 inch seam (or less if you wish).

Trim seams, clip corners, turn the rectangle out and press. Now tuck about 1/2 inch of the open end down and press.

Sew the open end closed, then turn the corner and continue on with a topstitch. Topstitch both short sides and one long side.

Now to assemble! Fold your pillowcase in half and mark with a pin. Lay out your band and center it. (Since I'd sewed two rectangles together, I had a seam at my center.)

Pin in place such that the top of the pillowcase is flush with your line of topstitching. This creates a really sweet top edge. Sew a second topstitch 1/4 inch from the first.

Pin the bottom of the band to the apron and sew in place, again with a 1/4 inch topstitch seam.

Stitch a second topstitch 1/4 inch from the first.

Guess what? YOU'RE DONE!

I plan on wearing mine over jeans :-)

For more perspective on the connection between fashion and aprons, try here.


Barb said...

What a cute tutorial!!

MissMary said...

Thanks! :-)