Sunday, July 4, 2010

Democracy Dress

I needed a reason to wear this today. I came up with the following:

1) It's red and a form of blue! Accessorize with silver in place of white, and patriotism ensues!
2) It's made predominantly of homespun, symbolic of what the pioneers and pilgrims had to work with!
3) It's toga-style! So it's Greek! The Greeks invented democracy, so our nation is a little Greek!
4) I wore it to church. Thank God for our country, and thank God for not abandoning us. Thank God for the miracle of taking ALL things and using them for our good!

Originally I was going to make a drawstring waist. The headband would have been the casing, but around midnight I got less ambitious.

Properly accessorized with silver Greek sandals!

Twirly! For the top, a single drawstring runs through two casings in the front, and another drawstring does the same in the back. For each drawstring, the ends are tied together, having been looped through the other drawstring (similar to a chain).

What if fashion returned to this kind of simplicity and wearability?


Melissa said...

Either we've died and gone to heaven or democracy has fallen...

I love your 'thematic' approach.

Barb said...


Atypical Girl said...

I love it!