Thursday, July 29, 2010

Christmas in July: Anna's Throwing Stars

Magnetic Poetry®. Gotta love.

Finishing a Christmas present in July. Gotta love that more.

At the beginning of the day I'd just outlined the central star.

Back, including view of basting threads

I set to work, hoping to finish quilting today. I don't have a walking foot, didn't follow lines or a pattern, just set the presser foot to a light setting and ran the machine in all directions and doodles. Poor baby got really hot about 2/3 through, so I gave her a rest and cut bias binding instead.

I used scraps for the binding and cut waaaaay too much. Oh well! Future string quilt, maybe?

Trimmed and awaiting bias application

My bias maker and I are on very good terms. Makes things soooo much easier!

Please excuse the quality of the photo above. I forgot to consider humidity when taking the picture, but I was so eager to snatch the last glimmer of light before sunset!

Amoeba-like, I think :-)

For my first major machine quilting project, I am SO pleased with the way Anna's Throwing Stars turned out! I love the contrasting turquoise thread because it's so evocative of Anna's personality. I learned a lot about what my little Kenmore is capable of and loved seeing the project come together so quickly!

Last night I watched a documentary on origami that was inspiring and fascinating. The interplay between art and science, technique and anarchy, resonated with me as a fabric artist and reflects my experience with Anna's Throwing Stars in particular. The following is a quote from the film by Paul Jackson (of--BONUS!--Tel Aviv):

The process of making is the point of it. The object looks good if the process felt good. This needs to be a kind of ballet. And this is what I try to with my work, to take it to an edge of something - because that's always where the interesting things happen.

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