Friday, July 9, 2010

Blue Day Dress

I did it! I finished what I intended to finish! Isn't it nice when you make a promise to yourself and you are able to keep it?

I call it the Blue Day Dress because (a) it is nigh impossible to have a blue day when wearing it, (b) it's blue! and (c) it ought to be worn in the daytime when all the delightful batik colors can be fully appreciated in sunlight! Society soiree, anyone?

I especially love the back because I got the zipper right! I owe this tutorial for the confidence and pictures!

The dress is made of a batik gifted from a dear friend who is remarrying and cleaning out her house! (More on her later... this is only the beginning of the glories she gave me!) The green trim is a hand-dyed muslin scrap leftover from some ten-foot panels I had hanging in my classroom. Honorable mention to Anna the Artist Roommate for helping me edit and encouraging me along the way!


Melissa said...

I love the color especially with the green accents.

Atypical Girl said...

So extremely cute! And you have the cutest little figure to model your creations!