Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pleated Evangeline Apron

God bless the Frist Museum! I've gone thrice now for inspiration, and every time I go it takes a bit to recover from the sensory overload!

Here are a few pics from my sketch book.

A note on sketching: one of my friends commented how she'd like to learn to sketch. I told her what I learned in art education classes, that everyone can sketch, draw, paint, sculpt (and dance and sing, for that matter!) but too often we compare our work to others' or whatever we consider idealized, and we don't realize that EVERY person has an individualized style. We cut ourselves short because we see ourselves as flawed when in reality we are working in our own personal style.

Inspired by the techniques seen at the Frist, I started playing with pleats and came up with an apron/pinafore for Evangeline.

I used my bias maker for the first time! I also used scraps from one of the fat quarters I received in Sew, Mama, Sew's fat quarter swap! I used a scrap of muslin, ironed it into half-inch pleats, then sewed the top edge in place. Next I made bias tape and covered/topstitched it over the raw edges. Finally I made a sash, pinned and sewed it, then fitted the straps and sewed in place. I am looking forward to many more fashion experiments inspired by the couture exhibit, both for me and for Evangeline!

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Melissa said...

Ooooh I think I want an apron just like Evangeline's.

And maybe I should take my attempts to sketch more seriously....