Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's Done

It feels surreal. I began tracing and cutting in the spring of 2008. Now, miles of basting stitches, hours of ironing, an inner healing weekend and lots of teacher meetings later, it's finally done.

Cathedral Window Chuppah back--Tetris, anyone?

Cathedral Window Chuppah top

The quilt is 40" square, representing the coming together of a husband and wife. Each piece was hand-traced and cut individually (no rotary cutters!), hand-basted and ironed, tacked, whipped, rolled and filled with a one-inch square "pane" which was then hand-stitched in place. Blocks were formed of nine squares. I began with the central block, then worked eight around it, then sixteen around the eight.

This one's for the hope chest--the post-postmodern version, of course. May I wrap my children and my children's children in it. :-)


Tess said...

Wow, it's gorgeous. 2 years? I understand the surreal feeling. NOw what will you work on?!

MissMary said...

two years on-and-off. never have only one project going :-)

Katie K. said...

What a beautiful accomplishment! I'm very impressed as I would never have had the perseverance to see such an involved project through to completion (I think its the Fran in me!). Love you!

Cat said...

Gorgeous!!! I love the symbolism to it of the coming together, the bright colors are the sparks of joy and love that ignites in a relationship... This is a masterpiece!

Melissa said...

Absolutely beautiful...it kind of gives me a headache to think about it!!