Friday, June 4, 2010

How I Spent My Day (Mostly) in Bed

Aside from listening to, napping, photographing stuff for this post, there's nothing like bloghopping to help one recover from an icky cold/cough!

Thanks to I found an origami tutorial...

I did not thread them for a garland as suggested here but made a selection for Anna the roommate and snuck them into her room--surprise!

Then thanks to I found a pincushion I could finally get behind!

I used leftover denim scraps and threads from these projects.

Ta-da! Denim tomato! Er... spaceship?

Tea, tea with jam, jam and bread... So sweet for soothing my throat :-)

It's a 1920s-themed fundraiser. Am I ready? Not until I mend the vintage leather gloves...

...and turn a scrap of vintage lace into a bracelet...

...and turn a strip of grandma-smell fabric into a brooch..., rosette. There are SO many rosette tutorials out there, ladies! Take your pick!

White gloves won out with warm weather. Brooch coordinates with the dress (stay tuned!) and perks up that mustard yellow felt.

Altogether quite restful, I must say. SUMMER! I embrace you and your many opportunities for stay-in-your-pjs-until-noon days!

*I apologize for any lack of clarity on the first photograph. I was folding origami paper on a hard surface within reach--in this case, my copy of Nashville in Photographs.


Umma crafty squirrel said...

Sounds like you had a fun day, even with your icky cold. My kids now have no excuses to say I can't do anything because I'm sick.

Linda B said...

What a productive day for a sickie! I especially like what you did with the denim. Very cute.

ange_moore said...

Love that mustard hat with rosette - you had a very productive day at home.

Also wanted to say thank you for the great fabric you sent for the Sew Mama Sew giveaway day - it arrived earlier in the week and I've only just opened it (and the US dollar bills are very cool). Thanks again!