Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bells and Whistles Muslin Dress

I made a version of Simplicity 2363 and I looooove it! (Lots of other people do, too! Got lots of compliments the first time I wore it and surprised many people that I made it!)

The above photo was included to show the fit, though the details are washed-out

I didn't have fusible interfacing, so I basted a layer of lining into the bodice. The rest of the garment is made of pre-washed unbleached muslin with vintage trims at the sleeves and hem. I did not make the neckline as deep as the pattern called for, nor the sleeves quite so long. I took an extra snippet of lace and zigzag stitched it in place as if it were a locket or brooch. After trying on the dress, I realized I'd prefer it cinched at the sides, so I ripped an inch of side seams and added in one-inch wide "ties", except they snap closed instead of tying. I also made the hem much deeper than usual--about four and a half inches were folded up, pintucked because of the A-line, and stitched under one of the trims. I call it "Bells and Whistles" because of all the little additions that gussy up an otherwise ordinary fabric!


Melissa said...

Exactly the kind of colors and embellishments that I love. Gorgeous!!

MissMary said...

Thank you! :-)